What Would Be A Reporting Verb That Indicates Agreement

There are many examples of report verbs you can choose from. It is important that you think very carefully about what you want to convey, because your choice of reporting words tells the reader where you stand on the information you are discussing. In addition, your use of signaling verbs and phrases will influence your reader/marker`s interpretation of your work, making it more likely to match the conclusions you drew in your essay. George Carlin illustrates this in this example of the reported speech: „I went to a bookstore and asked the saleswoman, „Where is the self-help service?“ She said if she told me, it would defeat the point. Although the two verbs have the same general meaning, i.e. believe that the verb is quite weak, while the verb is much stronger. The second verb best corresponds to the above information on this page, that is, as a fact, and is therefore more accurate than the first. accepted, acknowledges, admits, admits, admits, admits, advice, announces, announces, affirms, claims, claims, believes, the claims, comments, the lests, admits, concludes, confirms, affirms, affirms, affirms, says, denies, denied, determined, discovered, doubt, underlines, appreciates, estimates, feels, holds, assumptions, white, implicit, implicit, directed, affirms, observed, observed, objects, points, postulates, says, says, promises, promises, proves, reasons, realizes, recommends, comments, requests, restates, watches, shows, highlights, emphasizes, suggests, thinks, theorized, understands, verifies (verified), warns Research by Smith et al. (2006, Para. 36) Cover verbs are generally simple – especially for current articles and books. For example: Turner (2010) finds that the modern nation wields more power in a new way. But use the past when presenting the results of past research — even in recent literature.

For example, the groups observed during the research showed a number of leadership styles (Kang 2006). Complete the following interactive activities on The Verben Reports Most of the time, students are invited to use the contemporary form to report on the results of the literature. Past tense is mainly used to account for the results of personal research or to refer to information that was once true, but that is no longer valid. However, this can vary by discipline (z.B. Past tense is mainly used in science and psychology). Always refer to your guides for advice on a suitable style. Do you agree with what the author said? If so, use report verbs that have a positive meaning for them.