Student Project Participation Agreement

The purpose of these agreements is to ensure that students fully understand their rights and obligations while conducting research at UPEI and familiarize students with UPEI policies and other procedures relevant to their research activities. Below are descriptions and links to the three contract templates. To determine which agreement is right for you, see the flowchart. Students are encouraged to discuss with their faculty officials the appropriate agreement for their research activities. Nothing in this agreement prevents your right to have your final thesis reviewed (provided that appropriate arrangements are made when using confidential information). Whether a written agreement is concluded, you may nevertheless be bound by confidentiality obligations if you receive information that you know is confidential and should not be disclosed. Generally speaking, the university does not claim copyright in a student`s courses, such as.B. students` tasks and assignments. If the course relates to a sponsored project, the university is entitled to an exclusive, permanent, irrevocable, free, free, free, worldwide license to exploit the results and copyright of these courses for the purposes of the university, including commercialization and filing of patent applications.

Type A) Assisted Contract: This is a binding agreement that can be used with students, doctoral students or post-doctoral fellows participating in a contractual research project of a faculty member or with students who have received an industrial scholarship. Examples of initiatives funded by contract research are the Atlantic Innovation Fund, the Innovation PEI Prosperity Fund, industrial or research awards, sponsored by federal/provincial associations or agencies. Our Innovation Partnership Services (IPS) department has developed a project management tool that allows you to manage your projects. For more information, see Capstone Student Internships and Project Agreements – For Faculties and Departments and information on Student Internships and Capstone Project Agreements – For Students. The university requires graduate students to attribute their intellectual property to the university to which they participate in a sponsored project. Faculties and supervisory departments must follow certain guidelines for working with students on projects with companies: you can also develop confidential information during your research. . .