Staff Quarters Agreement

Rules that prohibit children from playing in unsecured areas, such as. B crossing roads and pet pens, can also be included in a housing contract. It should also be said that employees cannot bring children to work with them. A written housing contract can also prevent ruined cars on the ground, set up quiet hours, limit alcohol consumption and blame employees for visitors. Other issues to consider in your employee-housing contracts are whether tenant insurance should be required and whether the farm or ranch liability insurance covers losses related to a rented or licensed property. indicate in the written agreement who is responsible for the cost of the benefits. In many cases, you can set up procurement services on behalf of staff. In addition, the amount paid by the owner for utilities may be capped in the agreement. During the inspection of the living quarters, the labour inspectorate will interview the workers and, if possible, the employer. The check is carried out regardless of whether or not the employer is present. The rent cannot be deducted from the salary, unless it is set in advance by written agreement. Employee-housing contracts create a landlord-tenant relationship between the employer and the worker.

If you are considering making housing available to staff, you would be well advised to have a housing contract for employees; without one, you won`t be able to remember your expectations. Your employees must have a copy of the agreement, as they must be aware of the terms of the agreement and what you can expect from you with regard to your responsibilities. Your housing contract should define the right to conduct periodic inspections. Inspections should be carried out at least once a year. After the inspection of the dwelling, make all necessary repairs. Residential premises must have adequate ventilation and should not be affected by wet or dry rot, humidity or other conditions. The provision of housing in the workplace or workplace is not acceptable. Housing must also be approved for planning and construction. When an employer makes housing available to its employees, the dwelling is subject to certain requirements. Whether the housing agreement is covered by a license or a rental agreement, it is your choice, but it must be fixed by a written agreement.

These rules do not apply when an employer simply contacts one or more owners. The requirements apply, whether it is the employer or the worker who pays for the accommodation. If the employer is bound by a collective agreement, there may be other housing space requirements beyond the requirements of the law. The labour inspectorate does not supervise collective agreements.