Simple Asset Purchase Agreement Pdf

(p) Seller must have fully fulfilled and complied with all obligations, conditions and agreements to be complied with and abide by Seller on or before the Closing Date. Bottom Line: The deal was turned into an asset purchase, as Walgreens` primary goal was to accumulate more business. Therefore, walgreens` only option was to buy as many Rite Aid stores as the FTC allowed them to buy. (b) The seller`s entire good business or goodwill and other intangible assets, including, but not limited to, all customer lists, names and addresses of suppliers, mechanics or service personnel, etc. i. The seller`s operations and operations are carried out only in the course of normal operations and all obligations arising from agreements binding on the seller are duly fulfilled; Once this agreement is concluded with the requested material, the seller must read each destination and any duration. If he or she has decided to accept the sale of the assets in question to the buyer, it is time for the seller to put that decision on paper. The seller must find the „Seller“ section, directly on the final article „XXII. Global Agreement“, then sign the blank line linked to the „Seller`s signature“ label. The blank line adjacent to this signature must be affixed to the current calendar date once the seller has completed their signature. Only the seller must indicate the date of signature requested at the same time as his signature. When the seller has a business (i.e.

A company), an elected official of this company can enter into this agreement on his behalf by signing his name in the line „Signature of the seller“ and by entering the signature „date“ in the line next to it. After delivery of the above two items, the seller must print his name. The „Print Name“ line under the „Seller`s Signature“ line accepts this entry. Often, a seller needs a count to reserve the purchased assets. This is especially true for expensive sales. In the „V. Deposit“ section, one of the displayed control boxes must be selected to set the status of the seller`s deposit requirement. If the next step does not require a deposit, select the check box to say: „A deposit by the buyer is not necessary“. If this purchase requires a count to proceed to the next step, select the control box according to the statement „A compatibility is required…“ and enter the dollar amount needed for the deposit in the blank line indicated. This also requires further definition. A count is considered either „non-refundable“ or „refundable“.

If a deposit is required, but the buyer is not entitled to a return if the sale is cancelled, mark the box „Non-refundable“. The only exception to this option is that the acquired assets have been damaged or reduced in value after the inspection and initial value have been established. If the assets covered by this agreement are „refundable“, activate the second checkbox instruction according to the checkbox instruction „Acomphement is required…“ If this item is selected, it is indicated that the buyer is entitled to a refund of his count if this sale ends without progress. As already mentioned, an assessment of the amount of assets acquired is necessary. One out of two declarations must be selected in vi. Inspection to explain whether or not the affected assets need to be inspected. If yes, enable the „Must be“ check box and document the number of days the buyer has after the inspection to check the results in the blank line between the language.“ A Period of and the words „Days to Review…“ If the seller and buyer have agreed that a verification of the assets for sale is not necessary or unenforceable, select the „Cannot“ checkbox. In October 2015, Walgreens agreed to a share purchase agreement with Rite Aid for $9.4 billion in cash.