Internship Agreement Hong Kong

While unpaid internships in Hong Kong are illegal, you can limit your payments to the legal minimum hourly wage of HKD 32.50. This means that you can legally get a full-time resource for HKD 5,720 per month (22 working days for 8 hours of work per day)! To give some examples of projects that I consider appropriate for internships, the question of whether the internship is determined by labour law depends on different factors. When setting up a mail internship, the employer must be aware of the legal provisions that may apply to the internship. As it is customary for students to work in successive internships during the summer, they must take into account the restriction of s 3 (a). The purpose of an internship is twofold. It should provide the intern with a rich learning experience while generating value for the company. If only one of these aspects is taken into account, the internship will not be successful. In the case of my company, we highlighted the learning opportunities to work with us and explained to the trainees that they should consider the internship as an investment. We then offered a fixed salary of HKD 9K for a 3-month internship without additional overtime pay. Although some interns declined the offer and joined another company, we were able to attract forward-looking people who understood the value of long-term decisions.

This article appropriately summarized the important details of the offer of quality internships for students. The most important points are to follow government requirements and treat interns like all regular employees as valued members of the team. Be sure to assign difficult projects and there is a good chance that they will join their start-up after graduating as full-time employees. The Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) recently launched the GSP internship program, which applies to ITF projects and to HKSTP and Cyberport tenants. Note 1: Under the Employment Services Regulations, a worker who works for four weeks or more with the same employer and has at least 18 hours of work per week is considered to be employed on a permanent contract. Note 2:The employment regulation does not apply: (a) a family member who resides in the same residence as the employer; (b) a worker in the meaning of employment contracts outside the Hong Kong regulations; (c) a person operating under a crew agreement in accordance with the Commercial Navigation (Marine) Regulations or on board a vessel that is not registered in Hong Kong; (d) an apprentice whose apprenticeship contract is registered under the Apprenticeship Regulations.