Consultant Contract 2008 Settlement Agreement

The consultant`s action had been rejected by the State and the HSE. – for consultants who have initiated proceedings against the State: for a maximum period of six years before the date of the procedure, which ends on the day of the transaction. The settlement conditions obtained represent a significant reduction from previous estimates of potential commitments, which amount to up to 700 million euros. In accordance with the terms of the transaction, it was agreed to correct the rate of pay only for consultants who signed the „2008 consultant contract“ between July 25, 2008 and September 30, 2012. The adjustment of compensation/retirement rights will come into effect from the settlement date (June 15) but will be payable from January 2019. – For non-procedural consultants: for a period of up to six years before the billing date and the closing date. All advisors who agree to the terms also confirm the terms of the 2008 consulting agreement and accept the importance of respecting the terms of this contract. The agreement confirms the commitment of the parties to meet contractual obligations to ensure faster delivery of effective patient care. In particular, it provides for cooperation with regard to agreements reached to verify the performance of the adviser`s contractual obligations, particularly those relating to private practice. This will help ensure accountability, compliance with the contract by consultants and improved patient services. The judge is expected to hear several feather cases in complaints from hundreds of medical advisors who claimed that there was a breach of their contract with respect to the salary promises agreed in the 2008 consulting contract. The estimated costs resulting from the comparison obtained amount to EUR 182 million for arrears of payment and operating costs of EUR 62 million per year from 2019, the date of the Settlement of June 2018.

The payment of arrears will be phased in beyond 2019 and 2020. Although extremely costly, this agreement is the most cost-effective outcome for the public purse and the taxpayer, resulting in significant savings and avoiding lengthy and costly litigation. In statements following comparisons by the Irish Medical Organisation and the Irish Hospital Consultants Association, they welcomed the agreement. Justice N. Raifeartaigh welcomed the resolution of a long, complex and „clearly very urgent“ dispute. On Friday, John Rogers SC, who represented several of the 10 doctors who led the case, said the cases focused on the doctor`s non-payment of compensation, as agreed under the 2008 contract. The transaction, the lawyer said, will apply not only to lead cases, but also to other consultants whose cases are tried before the courts and other non-litigation consultants who are covered by the terms of the transaction.